Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And I'm Back!

Ok Peeps, sorry for the delay of these posts. My 6 month old "Puppy", Michigan (aka Poopalah. Aka Michi. Aka Poop-Poop. Aka Mr. Poopie lol) chewed my damn power adapter cord! So of course, I am extremely upset and pissed off that I have no way of charging the battery for this laptop. Also, in the process I've gotten a new phone, so no more Blackberry for me. I've moved on towards Androids, more specifically the T-mobile myTouch Q which is an alright phone. The adjustment to Android is really trying and I am semi-sorry that I converted. But I did it for the sake of moving in the same direction of technology, what can I say? [insert sigh here]

Anyhoo, obviously, the good news at this point is that I've gotten a replacement cord and am back online and I am not neglecting my blogging duties. As a matter of fact, I've even started a TWITTER account for StyliCITY (@styliCITY1) Facebook & Youtube are coming soon (trying to figure out a way for me to start a page on FB, but not have it show up on my page), we're just working in baby steps here.

In addition, I've decided to do something monthly for youtubers who love to do haul, Xotd, tutorials, etc videos pertaining to anything style or fashion oriented. So if you are a tubbie that would love to be featured for that month and have your link sent to bunches of people, I think you should try getting your link to me.

Other than that, I am alive and well.

Check the twitter account for my OOTDs and Haul stuff!

Stay Classy ;0)

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